Student Accident

Many in our College community would have heard of an accident involving a student yesterday afternoon on Winterslow Road. Thankfully, although potentially serious, the student only suffered minor injuries and is home recovering.

This raises the issue of student vigilance when crossing Winterslow Road on the way to and from the Elizabeth Transit Hub. Winterslow Road is very busy and students must take great care when crossing.

There is a designated crossing area directly in front of the College, and another across the road bridge adjacent to the Elizabeth TAFE campus, All students are expected to use one of these for safety reasons. Can you please reinforce this message with your son or daughter.

We have raised this traffic management matter with the City of Playford and they are committed to working with the College to bring about a solution which will enhance student safety.

Thank you to those parents who have rung or sent messages of support for the injured student.

Rob Thomas

2 thoughts on “Student Accident

  1. JEANNE algate

    Hopefully council will take a good look at where students have to walk from train /bus station and make sure crossings are in locations convenient especially when raining etc otherwise students will use quickest way to cross roads

  2. Lydia smith

    Thank you for all the well wishes. My son is feeling remorseful for misjudging how close the car was and stepping out in front of it. He has had a hard lesson on how his mistakes affect everyone around him. He apologized to the driver of the car on the scene, but please know he regrets the position he put you in deeply. I thank you for stopping to help my son when he made a grave error that could have cost him the ultimate price. As traumatic as it has been for us, we apologize to everyone that has been effected by my sons misjudgment. Our biggest thanks to all that have helped there have been too many to mention. The professional ambos and staff at Womens’ and Childrens’ have been 2nd to none. My son is bruised had surgery on his arm stitches on his head and is on crutches. But still regards himself as being very lucky. Please take care when crossing the road kids, I have said that so many times to my boy, that I’ve lost count. We parents say that because of accidents like this. I came so close to losing my son, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Thankyou


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