Year 10 in 2021

Due to an overwhelming demand, all Applications for Enrolment for Year 10 in 2021 are now closed. If you would like to be considered for our waiting list please contact our College Registrar, Carol Lee, on 8209 3700 or email 

YEAR 10 IN 2022 
St Patrick’s Technical College is now accepting enrolments for Year 10 in 2022 and beyond.  

The College understands Year 10 is a crucial year in the life of a secondary student. Beginning senior secondary schooling at St Patrick’s Technical College will establish a new level of educational excellence, producing higher quality and trained pre-vocational students who are ready for the world of work and further tertiary education. 

Undertaking Year 10 at the College provides young people with the chance to engage in learning opportunities relevant to their needs, enabling them to increase their chances of successfully completing the SACE, gaining an apprenticeship and realising improved social and life outcomes. 

Please join us for a morning or afternoon College Tour by visiting our Tours and Events page where you will find details and tour registrations. Personal Tours are also available if these times are not suitable (please complete the form below). 

If you wish to commence the enrolment process, please fill out the online Enrolment Enquiry Form below and our College Registrar, Carol Lee, will be in contact with you. For all enrolment enquiries, please feel free to contact Carol on 8209 3700 or email 

If you are interested in visiting the College, please join us for a morning or afternoon College Tour, which you can register for on our Tours and Events page. For a Personal Tour, select the check box on the form below.