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New laws coming for L and P drivers from 28 July 2014

DrivingSouth Australia is introducing new laws on 28 July 2014 to help prepare young people for a lifetime of safe driving. The major change will be the introduction of a night driving and passenger restriction for all P1 drivers under the age of 25.

Families should be aware that the new restrictions will directly impact the way in which student car pooling takes place at St Patrick’s Technical College.

Following is a summary of these new restrictions, however all families are encouraged to visit to familiarise themselves with the changes.

Night driving restriction

From 28 July 2014, holders of a P1 licence aged under 25 must not drive between midnight and 5am, unless they have a qualified supervising driver seated beside them or they meet one of the exemption criteria below:

  • driving to and from work or driving in the course of employment;
  • driving to and from education / training or driving in the course of education / training with a school, university, TAFE, apprenticeship or other training provider;
  • driving to and from formal volunteer work, or driving in the course of performing volunteer work;
  • driving to participate in sports, artistic, charitable, religious or scientific activities; or
  • a police or emergency services officer on duty.

Learner motorcyclists under the age of 25 without a P2 or full licence for a car will also be subject to the night driving restriction.

Passenger restriction

From 28 July 2014, holders of a P1 licence aged under 25 must not carry more than one passenger aged between 16 and 20 (excluding immediate family members) unless they have a qualified supervising driver seated beside them or they meet one of the exemption criteria below:

  • driving in the course of employment; or
  • a police or emergency services officer on duty.

An exemption from the passenger restriction will not be available for any other purpose, including education and training.

It’s all about partnerships

mark160I would like to firstly take the time to wish Mr Rob Thomas all the best for the next four weeks as he takes a well-deserved Long Service Leave break. I feel very blessed in being given the opportunity to work once again with the St Patrick’s community while Mr Thomas is away.

In 2010 I spent a term at the College and as a result became acutely aware of the wonderful opportunities provided to students and moreover the student success that I witnessed.

On my first Morning at the College I visited TAFE SA (Elizabeth Campus) where Mr Prokopec, Mr Forster and myself met with lecturers to have a discussion around our partnership and how we can achieve the best outcomes for our students. I would like to thank the lectures for their time and their ongoing work with our students.

I would like to remind the community about our Open Night on Tuesday 24 June from 4-8pm. I would encourage all students to talk to others with in the wider community about their experiences at St Patrick’s. Year 10 students in most schools will be looking very closely at their potential pathways over the next few months and for many students St Patrick’s Technical College will be a career springboard opportunity.

Mark Flaherty
Acting Principal

Vinnies Winter Appeal

vinniesThis winter we are reminded that the reasons to donate are all around us.

As the months grow colder and the cost of living continues to escalate, we see many families who are struggling to buy food, pay the bills and simply make ends meet.

The reasons to help someone out are all around us in the many cities, towns, neighbourhoods and streets, where people are struggling to keep their heads above water.

Please find your reason for giving this winter and donate to the Vinnies 2014 Winter Appeal so that with your continued support, Vinnies can provide much needed assistance to the people in our community who need it most.

A donation bin can be found in our College administration.  Donations of clothes and blankets can be deposited here.


St Pat’s celebrates International Women’s Day

womens_daySaturday 8 March is International Women’s Day (IWD).

Millions of people around the world come together for IWD celebrating and recognising women for their achievements in the past present and future; regardless of divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political and also to fight for justice.

It is a proven fact that the advancement of women is of prime importance to economy, business and society but by having this day of celebration also allows an opportunity for all of us to come together in support of girls and women, ensuring they have rights and access to basic health and education services.

70% of the world’s poor are women. Education is one important way to empower women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to earn an income and provide for themselves and their families.

Here in Australia we can thankfully celebrate the rights women and girls are often afforded, but also must recognise that there is still a long way to go before we are all treated equally and respectfully in what are sometimes referred to as non-traditional female work roles.


St Patrick’s Technical College will celebrate International Women’s Day on the morning of Friday 7 March. Invited guest speakers will be sharing and presenting to students about their own experiences of being a woman in the workplace.

  • Jesse Noort – St Pat’s Tech Automotive Class of 2009
  • Ms Carmen Garcia – Principal Consultant, Advancing Adelaide
  • Mrs Celina Bolding – Schools Connect Officer, UniSA

Female staff and students, along with guests from our College community will share in a morning tea celebration while listening to presenters.

St Patrick’s students have also been busy collecting and organising a fundraising raffle for the morning. They will continue to sell tickets around the College next week with it being drawn during the formalities of the morning. Money raised from the raffle will be passed on to local organisation Zonta.

Zonta is actively involved in providing both hands-on service and financial support to a number of local community organisations. In addition, it has provided financial support to a variety of international service projects organised biennially through the auspices of Zonta International. All efforts go toward the Zonta aim of improving the status of women world-wide through service and advocacy.

We extend a further invitation to any women who would like to join us for our morning celebration to please contact the College front office to help with our catering numbers.

Mrs Roanne Berekmeri
Assistant Principal


St Patrick’s Day 2014

The Patron Saint of our College was a person of vision, determination, courage, sacrifice, honesty, integrity, faith and resilience. These are just a few of the qualities that enabled him to perform the work that he did against constant and often hostile opposition. These are also the qualities we try to instil and expect in our students as they journey into the world of employment.

On Monday 17 March we are once again celebrating St Patrick’s Day at our college. The day will begin with a Liturgy in our Flexible Learning Area at 9.00-10.00am.

Normal lessons will resume at the conclusion of the Liturgy until the fun begins at 1.00pm when stalls and activities will be operating outside.

Students will be operating a number of minor fundraising events, which will include a barbecue, drinks and ice-cream, long kick competition, show and shine and sound-off, a “Minute to Win It”, hammer time, how many students can fit into…, cupcakes, hairspray, guessing how many lollies in a jar and strength competitions. There will be plenty to eat and do!

Proceeds from the day’s activities will be donated to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion.

If you are in a position to donate any goods or services that could be offered as prizes or used to assist our fundraising, please let Mr Mark Prokopec know asap. Donations gratefully received.

The day will conclude with our annual inter-trade tug-o-war on the oval.

Family members are most welcome to join us for the Liturgy and again later for the fun and fundraising in the yard from 1.00pm.

It’s a great day and an occasion we look forward to celebrating each year.

Students are encouraged to join in the spirit of the day by wearing something green.

Please note that there is an early dismissal on St Patrick’s Day at 2.30pm or following the conclusion of the tug-o-war and presentation of prizes.

Mr Mark Prokopec
Assistant Principal – Student Welfare


First round uni offers

Congratulations to our Class of 2013 Applied Engineering graduates who today received first round university offers:

  • Victoria Filsell – B Science (Flinders University)
  • Jack Lord – B Science (University of Adelaide)
  • Alex deVries vanLeeuwen – B Science (Mineral GeoScience) (University of Adelaide)
  • Chris Chisolm – B Engineering (Civil) (University of South Australia)
  • Daniel Ridley – B Engineering (Civil & Structural) (University of South Australia)

The Applied Engineering course at St Patrick’s was developed specifically to create pathways into university courses such as these. Students benefit from having a solid practical knowledge from their Certificate II training undertaken at St Patrick’s in either Metals & Engineering or Electrotechnology, to go with their theoretical studies in Mathematics and Physics.

Congratulations also to Mrs Celina Bolding for her work in coordinating and delivering this program over the past three years. Celina has moved on to the University of South Australia this year to work in the school engagement programs. Taking over from Celina in running the Applied Engineering course is Mr Andrew Costi.


Formal agreement between TAFE SA and St Patricks Technical College

TAFE SA and St Patrick’s Technical College are pleased to announce the launch of their new educational partnership which will help young people in Adelaide’s North stay at school and maximise their educational and employment prospects. Students who are enrolled at St Patrick’s Technical College will now receive TAFE SA accredited and supported training while still taking advantage of St Patrick’s Technical College state of the art campus and specialist trade focused SACE curriculum.

St Patrick’s Technical College students will be enrolling with TAFE SA through the Skills For All  Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS) program enabling them to select from a range of professional trade based career pathways while still working towards the completion of their SACE.

By selecting from the wide range of potential courses being offered by TAFE SA and St Patrick’s Technical College, students will learn their skills at a combination of the St Patrick’s Technical College campus in Edinburgh North, TAFE SA’s Elizabeth campus or at a number of other industry based locations. This agreement provides complete flexibility for the delivery of training whilst providing world-class facilities for students to complete their training both at TAFE SA and St Patrick’s.

Under the agreement, St Patrick’s students will choose to enrol into one of a number of Certificate II programs at no additional cost to their school fees (eligibility criteria apply).  The following vocations are currently offered:

  • Automotive (Heavy & Light Vehicle specialisations)
  • Building & Construction
  • Electrotechnology
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Metal Roofing & Cladding (pre-vocational Plumbing)
  • Metals & Engineering

For students not making the transition into an apprenticeship during their enrolment at St Patrick’s, upon completion of their initial Certificate II qualification they will be guaranteed a training position at TAFE SA in the Certificate III course (subject to some conditions) that will help them with their chosen vocational career path.